Unified Communications

Teleworking solutions, based on Industry Leading Collaboration tools

Unified Communications / Collaboration today is the digital medium that makes people connect, communicate, work together easily, quickly and securely from everywhere via any device (tablet/phone/pc/laptop).

Together with remote corporate network connectivity and security solutions, Collaboration solutions are the cornerstone of integrated teleworking solutions that support business continuity. A vital fact for enterprises today, facing crisis management situations due to Covid–19 outbreak.

Algosystems implemented and supported the first IP Telephony technology since it became commercially available in Greece. Over the years, and with its renaming to Unified Communications technology, Algosystems has offered and continues to offer to hundreds of customers integrated Unified Communications / Collaboration solutions across all the range of services and functions that this technology has. Services such as:


  • Call centers based on IP technology with all modern available functions
  • Collaboration solutions enabling teleworking capabilities and remote communication of voice, video, chatting from any laptop/tablet/smartphone/desktop
  • Teleconference solutions (phoneconferencing/videoconferencing) of two to multiple collaborators, enabling full functionality and secure transfer of documents and chatting from any devide, anywhere
  • Call and voice data recording systems

For  Teleworking, Collaboration, videoconferencing and Cisco Cloud Μeeting Technology solutions that will enable your company to work fully functionally remotely and safely while boosting productivity, please visit





and get in touch with Algosystems to offer you the best teleworking experience.

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