SCADA Systems in Industry

SCADA Systems in Industry

Algosystems maintains strategic partnerships with SCADA (Supervisory control and data acquisition) development companies, thus offering a wide range of solutions and applications.

Industrial management as well as traffic management incorporate an evolving requirement for continuous information, stemming from the requirements of immediate and effective intervention in any extraordinary circumstances. SCADA software provides the solution for integrating information relevant to industry processes and traffic into a coherent platform in real-time.

SCADA software is used in a variety of applications, production line management, water management and treatment facilities, oil and gas transmission systems.

Modern SCADA systems gradually integrate Internet of Things technologies through the growing use of cloud computing and provide complete solutions in HMI (Human Machine Interface) applications. In addition, they offer flexible capabilities of specific solutions that can meet growing customer requirements. Real-time connectivity with multiple data sources, as well as the necessary services for each application, are included in the system’s architecture.

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