Algosystems Loyalty Management System: Build strong relationships with your customers!

Customer loyalty must be one of the greatest priorities of a business as it directly affects its viability and its future. A strong relationship with customers ensures their loyalty and increases, accordingly, the turnover of a business.

Algosystems Loyalty Management System (LMS) is a platform for customer loyalty management and reward. It allows monitoring of trends and preferences of customers - members of the company on specific products/services and automation of the "reward" of members, according to their "dedication".

On the Algosystems LMS platform, members' loyalty monitoring is done through points from purchases and use of member - card that rewards this member with points.

This creates a win-win relationship of a dedicated customer and business since the more points a member has, the more "devoted" he is to the business through the repeated purchases he makes, since he benefits from redeeming the points accumulated to obtain gifts and other forms of reward.

Algosystems LMS is a flexible and customizable platform. It can communicate and utilize existing customer data from virtually any database and through web services. Also, you do not need to install a thick client, only a web browser. It is easy to use, has an anti-fraud engine and can be used by companies of any size.

In the Loyalty Management system there is full management of members and users with the following capabilities:

  • Setting of Access Rights,
  • Creating/Editing/Deleting Users,
  • Classification of the redemption according to points

e.g. Gold, Silver, Temporary, etc.

Through the Loyalty Management platform, system use statistics are recorded based on set rules, to export reports, export a list of members/data, and export reports to Acrobat PDF and Microsoft Excel.

Contact your customers, reward them and retain them!

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