Custom Made Software

Custom Made Software

Custom made software applications that make the difference for your business

Programming technologies, databases and web services are technologies that can be used to address multiple challenges that occur in running a business, especially when there are no readily available commercial applications to cover the relative needs.

Algosystems can, with appropriate analysis first and then with programming methodology that follows international practice, meet the specific software needs of any business, building the appropriate software for each specific need. The Business Software section has over time covered with its expertise customer software needs in statistical anomaly detection, fraud detection and other anomaly detection techniques in enterprise application data. It has also covered customer needs in document and workflow management and in integration among various systems (middleware) such as IP telephony systems with other communication systems (e.g. email servers) or with other automation and control systems.

The Business Software section, with its dedicated staff, analyzes, designs and generates customized client-specific applications that can address specific business challenges in a modern and efficient way.

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