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Tunnel & Μotorway Surveillance Systems

With years of experience in tunnel and motorway management, Algosystems provides surveillance and prompt information systems to operators and managers of the projects for which information can be found  here.

Fire Detection / Linear Temperature Detection

Fire detection in railway tunnels and motorway and railway tunnels is a major challenge for the safety of transport systems, taking into account global accident studies.

Tunnels involving traffic, energy transmission and telecommunications systems and information networks, require constant monitoring. Also, the additional dangers of closed environments make direct detection and control of fire incidents the highest priority. The main solution applied to monitor incidents in such structures is the optical fiber detector. The use of low heat capacity optical fibers ensures high response rates to changes in ambient temperature. The most common technologies have several limitations beyond which optical fibers can operate. Due to the tunnel geometry, the presence of dust, strong air currents and due to vehicles and trains traffic and fan operation, fiber optic cable installation is the most appropriate solution for motorway and rail tunnels compared to conventional smoke and fire detectors.

Algosystems has staff trained in the design and implementation of fiber-optic solutions, taking into account the tunnel construction characteristics, as well as the fire risks that are exclusively related to the tunnel architecture.

The solution of fiber optic cables offers:

  • Reliability and detection speed
  • User programming and full functionality
  • Monitoring of fire development
  • Robust cable construction, maintenance free, ensuring lower cost
  • The detector is not affected by electromagnetic interference and smoke obscuration

Programmable alarm limits can be set and changed depending on tunnel operating conditions, for example: seasonal changes in ambient temperature and temperature changes due to traffic volume. Alarm temperatures can be changed as long as the tunnel temperature pattern is determined.

CCTV (Closed Circuit TV)

Traffic monitoring is central to emergency services and risk prevention. Please click here for information on CCTV solutions in tunnel systems.

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