ICT Services

Value-added ICT services by ``The Specialists``

Algosystems, your flexible, reliable, and responsive partner, ensures the continuous and uninterrupted operation of your IT systems, through a team of highly specialized and adequately certified engineers demonstrating every day that the company knows and solves the most demanding technical issues.

The technical department of Algosystems, with its continuing training, attends any problem or challenge to avoid interruption of service to the internal and external users of each customer.

Through the provision of consulting services, Algosystems is able to capture unique expectations and design the optimal solution for every specialized need, covering a wide range of services. The company provides IT consulting services, ranging from the study of existing infrastructure to the design and offer of a brand new ICT solution.

The Project Management Office, which is part of the Technical Division of the company and its PMP certified executives, undertake the completion of the project "On Time" and of course "On Budget" and "On Scope".

Each project, of course, does not end with its delivery and signing of the protocol of delivery and acceptance. Then begins the essential work of the Technical Division. Through the technical support contracts that the company offers, Algosystems undertakes at a pre-agreed time to examine and restore any malfunctions or potential hardware failures.

Through our 24-hour monitoring and alarming systems through the Network Operations Center (NOC) and the Security Operations Center (SOC) managed by our engineers, we monitor customers’ infrastructure. Thus, in cases of mulfunctions, we undertake to perform pre-agreed procedures for restoring the operation of the service.

If this is not feasible, the customer is informed and through the use of second and third level engineers as well as pre-agreed procedures, the functionality of the service is restored.

In addition, at regular intervals specified in each customer's support contract, preventive maintenance (health check) of the equipment is performed. After the results are processed, points to be attended are reported and remedial actions are taken to resolve the vulnerabilities or imminent dysfunctions.

In particular, for clients in the Financial Sector, the company offers outsourcing services of specialized technical personnel to meet demanding technical needs.

Finally, for customers looking for training services from experienced field engineers, Algosystems provides specialized, non-standardized training seminars.

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