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What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files, which a website stores on your computer or your mobile device when you visit such website. In this way, the website remembers your actions and preferences for a period of time and as a result you do not need to insert such preferences each time you visit the website of browse its webpages. Cookies do not collect individual information, but when they are read by a server through a web browser program, they may provide information, so that the user enjoys a friendlier service.

The cookies are divided into persistent and session cookies.


  • Session cookies are deleted once your browsing is ended and/or upon closing the browser.


  • Persistent cookies remain on your computer or mobile device up until you delete them or for a period of time predetermined by the cookie.


Which cookies are used in our webpage and what kind of information is collected?

The webpage uses cookies for various reasons depending on their functionality:


Absolutely necessary / Basic Cookies. Absolutely necessary cookies are of material significance for the proper use of the website, they allow you to navigate and use its functions. Such cookies do not identify you. Without them, our website may not function efficiently.

Functionality Cookies. Functionality Cookies help the website remember your preferences, such as your user name, your language and location. In this way, we offer you improved personalized services. Further, they assist with the provision of services you have requested such as playing videos or using social media. They do not enable us to monitor your activity in other websites.


Third-party cookies.

The website uses Google Analytics (GA), in order to monitor the users’ activity. We use such cookies in order to determine the number of people using our website, to better understand the way they find and use our webpages and watch their navigation in the website.

Although GA keeps data such as your geographical position, your device, your internet browser and your system software, none of this information enables us to identify you. GA keeps also your IP address, which could be used for your identification, but Google does not allow us access thereto. We consider Google a third party data processor.

GA uses cookies, details on which you may find on Google’s guides.

For the use of such cookies, to the extent that they are not technically necessary for your connection with our website, you are requested to provide your consent once you enter our website. The deactivation of cookies in your internet browser will prevent GA from monitoring any part of your visit in the pages of this website.

Further, cookies are installed on our behalf by Youtube, so that we may reproduce videos in our website. It is likely that advertising material may be shown by Youtube before or after our videos. For the use of such cookies, to the extent that they are not technically necessary for your connection with our website, you are requested to provide your consent once you enter our website.


Such cookies are the following:

Name Purpose Who installs them Lifetime
ct-ultimate-gdpr-cookie Functional 1 year
ct-ultimate-gdpr-cookie-level Functional 1 year
_ga Statistics 2 years
_gat Statistics Session cookies
_gat_UA Statistics Session cookies
_gat_gtag_UA Statistics Session cookies
_gcl_au Marketing/Tracking 90 days
_gid Statistics 1 day
test_cookie Marketing 15 minutes
IDE Marketing 13 months
CONSENT Functional 75 days
NID Marketing/Tracking 6 months
UserMatchHistory Marketing/Tracking 1 month
bcookie Marketing/Tracking 2 years
lang Marketing/Tracking Session cookies
lidc Marketing/Tracking 1 day
lissc Marketing/Tracking 1 year
lang Marketing/Tracking Session cookies
JSESSIONID Marketing/Tracking Session cookies
bscookie Marketing/Tracking 2 years
CONSENT Functional 20 years
VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE Functional 6 months
YSC Statistics Session cookies


How can you check your cookies?

Cookies are stored on your computer or device, once you are informed of the privacy settings and grant your consent for each type of cookies, to the extent that they are not technically necessary for your connection to our website, such as the basic cookies and functionality cookies. If you do not accept cookies or some types thereof, it is likely that some of the features of our website are not fully available, but in no case will you be deprived of using our website.

It lies with your discretion to revoke, whenever you wish, your consent or to object to the use of cookies on your computer or your device,   to check and/or delete the cookies.

  • You may delete the cookies from your computer or your device, at any time, by choosing the respective choice of your browser. In this way, you withdraw your consent regarding the use of cookies on your computer or device.
  • You may also manage the settings of your internet browser so that it warns you of the use of cookies, while using certain services of the website or it does not allow the use of cookies at all.


Which are your rights?

You have the right to request to receive information regarding the processing of your personal data, to have access to them, to have them rectified and completed at any time.  You may also request their deletion or minimization of their processing or withdraw your consent for the use of all or part of the cookies and consequently for the processing of your data.

To exercise your rights you may send your request by email to the following address:


Where can you find more information on the protection of personal data collected by the cookies?

You may find more information on the protection of your personal data as well as for your rights in the Website Privacy Policy.


Where can you find more information on the use of cookies in general?

More information on the use of cookies in general, including the methods to block or restrict them, may indicatively be found at the websites (the official website of the Hellenic Data Protection Authority), και


Changes to the Cookies Policy.

The present Cookies Policy may be updated at any time. This said, we suggest that you regularly read this Policy. This Policy was set into force on  1/9/2018. In case it is updated, the relevant date will be stated. The most recently updated Cookies Policy supersedes all previous ones.

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