Enhancing Effective Communication through the CCMS System

CCMS (Contacts and Communications Management System) is a campaign automation platform and a mass e-mail and SMS mailing service. It focuses on creating, managing, mailing, monitoring, and optimizing marketing and other communication campaigns (e.g. to partners, shareholders, journalists, debtors, etc.) that are totally measurable and targeted.

CCMS employs and manages in a professional manner multiple communication channels such as:

  • SMS messages
  • Anti-spam e-mail messages
  • Web services Connectivity with 3rd-party applications.

CCMS creates the optimal link to your target audience by enhancing effective communication, corporate image and also sales.

Whether you need to send promotional campaigns and newsletters, or you want to share important news, build your public and investment relationships, or just promote automated messages and alerts, the CCMS campaign automation and mass mailings platform creates the right conditions to transmit the message easily and targeted to the appropriate recipient. Allows categorization and targeting of contacts and companies using multiple criteria based on parameters such as business sector, geographical area, product or service, demographics, etc.

Whether the message is addressed to your existing or potential customers, or to journalists, partners, investors, distributors, sales networks etc, CCMS provides additional opportunities to improve your communication by providing statistics to help you develop your communication and improve.

Features that stand out in this e-mail and SMS management system:

  • Scheduled or immediate mailing
  • Flexible Import / Export: Bulk import / export of data from / to Excel
  • Multilingual content and personalization of messages
  • Group communication priorities
  • Campaign Silent Hours
  • User friendly interface without thick client
  • Handling huge volumes of SMS and Email messages at high speed mailings
  • Modular licensing.

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