Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

The concept of corporate responsibility is inextricably linked to society and community. Algosystems has been for decades active and connected with the wider society and its employees. It is self-evident for Algosystems to acknowledge its responsibilities both to its executives and to the wider society, which it seeks to practice in its daily activities. The company remains alert and acts effectively, supporting corporate responsibility actions that can make a difference.

Algosystems respects the environment and focuses on actions that affect and influence humans through their relationship with it. Algosystems promotes an everyday way of action that promotes recycling in all its forms. The company is a contributor to environmental projects benefiting from the support of its employees while offering to the community, such as specialized recycling programs and support for homeless groups as well as support for children with special needs.

Moreover, with the support of employees and management, the company has contributed repeatedly and effectively to supporting well-known organizations by donating essentials and school supplies to children who have been plagued by the economic crisis in recent years. In addition, in the same spirit and embracing efforts and Child Protection Organizations, the company has made donations of technology equipment, securing better technology infrastructure, increasing productivity and reducing operating costs.

The company, as well as the needs of society are evolving. New programs are planed and integrated into future implementations of child-centered corporate responsibility projects, regarding poverty, education, health and sports.

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