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Algosystems @ Infocom Security Digital

Infocom Security Digital is approaching! Algosystems is supporting this cybersecurity event taking place July 1 st -July 3d, as a proud sponsor.  Listen to John Pavlidis, ICT&CS Solutions Architect delivering…

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Algosystems Gold Sponsor at Security BSides Athens

Αlgosystems  is proud to be a Gold Sponsor at Security BSides Athens! Join us at this unique InfoSec community virtual event on June 20th and listen to Argyris Makrygeorgou and…

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Fighting Cyberthreats with Artificial Intelligence – Virtual Session

Can Artificial Intelligence effectively fight cyber threats through boosting an enterprise’s “immune system”? Υοu are invited to attend  Algosystems and Darktrace virtual session on June 22nd to find out!  Witness…

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Align Your IT to Business Webinar powered by Manage Engine

You are invited to Αlign Your IT to Business and revolutionize your IT infrastructure to better realize opportunities in the current situation. Attend Algosystems’ and Manage Engine webinar on June…

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Algosystems supports “The Ark of the World”

Algosystems supports the increased tele-education needs of the wider society as a whole, and especially of children. The Company has donated state-of-the-art laptops to the “Ark of the World” to…

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Staying at Home…fully functional and safe

Algosystems, realizing the criticality of the current global crisis due to COVID-19, has activated its business continuity plan according to ISO 27001, to ensure the health of its staff and…

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