Advanced Traffic Management Systems

Tunnel and Motorway Surveillance Systems

With years of experience in tunnel and motorway management, Algosystems provides a set of surveillance and prompt information systems to operators and managers of the projects. Some of these systems are: Read more


  1. Weigh In Motion (WIM): WIM system enables the "weigh" of vehicles on the move through specific sensors underneath the truck surface. The advantage of these systems is that the vehicle does not need to be stationary and they can be installed on any road lane without the need for a special weighing area.
  2. Over-height Vehicle Detection Systems (OVDS): These systems check the height of vehicles when they enter low-height areas such as tunnels. These systems are linked to special signs that alert drivers and operators in time and divert the vehicle off the motorway.
  3. License Plate Recognition (LPR) Systems: These systems are capable of photographing and identifying the characters on the vehicle plates. They are combined with other systems such as WIM and OVDS and aim to record the vehicles that violate the rules of operation of the respective motorway.
  4. Fire detection systems: These systems provide a linear display of the temperature of the tunnels using fiber optics. In case of fire, they activate overhead systems such as ventilation, lighting and traffic control to promptly handle the incident. Fire recognition is made either by temperature exceedance or by temperature rate of rise exceedance.
  5. Inductive loops for vehicle detection: These systems use the magnetic field created by the loops to detect the type, direction and speed of the vehicles passing over. Algosystems provides an interface to display and export this data to reports for operators and administrators. In addition, an analysis of the values and reporting of incidents such as opposite direction of movement or exceeding speed and road load limit through the service level is provided.
  1. CCTV (Closed Circuit TV): Traffic monitoring is central to emergency services and risk prevention. Control centers have high definition image quality requirements from many fixed and moving cameras with normal and infrared recording capabilities, video analysis, motion detection, incident detection and vehicle number recording under difficult conditions. Conditions where rainfall, snowfall, flora and reflections from water surfaces add difficulties in the correct interpretation of incidents. Modern CCTV camera software uses smart techniques that reduce tracking costs, improve image quality and minimize false alarms.

Algosystems has many years of experience in the design, installation and maintenance of CCTV systems for a variety of applications, from traffic systems, railway tracking, building and industrial security systems.

  1. Tunnel ventilation

The ventilation requirement of the tunnels, whether for motorways or trains, is an important part of the safe operation of the tunnel. Algosystems, having years of experience in similar projects, has developed and optimized the ventilation process by providing automatic air quality control within tunnels and optimizing the use of available equipment. In particular, some of the functions performed by the Algosystems tunnel ventilation system are:

  1. Surveillance of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide level as well as opacity index (visibility inside the tunnel)
  2. Automatic startup of an appropriate number of fans for adequate ventilation of the tunnel
  • Surveillance of correct fan operation (checking of confirmations, vibrations and temperature)
  1. Automatic selection of available fans based on operating hours and status (fault, local-remote control) for the execution of automatic ventilation scenarios
  2. Implementation of smoke removal scenarios in the event of a fire within the tunnel.
  3. Direct fan operation by a suitable user interface
  • Graphs and reports for all ventilation system operating elements
  1. Tunnel lighting

Tunnel lighting is one of the main functional characteristics of tunnels and is related to safe passage of vehicles through them. Proper lighting does not "glare" the drivers or create blind spots at the entrance and exit of the tunnels.

Algosystems, having years of experience in tunnel projects, has developed and optimized lighting control procedures following the project's lighting design. In particular, some of the functions performed by the Algosystems tunnel lighting system are:

  1. Checking and reading values from luminometers and L20 sensors at the entrance of the tunnels
  2. Checking and reading values from luminometers inside the tunnels
  • Automatically select the appropriate luminance levels based on luminometers’ indications
  1. Ability to directly operate the levels by an appropriate user interface.
  2. Communication with DALI-type lighting systems for dimming levels.
  3. Graphs and reports for all lighting system operating elements.



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