Industrial PLCs

PAC_PLC Automation Controller (Programmable Automation Controller)

The Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) is the heart of the Automated Control System and is appropriate for use in industrial environments because of its robust construction. It provides operation capability under extreme environmental conditions, such as high or low temperatures, increased humidity or high dust concentrations.

Operating as a programmable industrial computer, it can run software for virtually every automation application by scanning multiple analogue and digital inputs from external devices in milliseconds and sending the appropriate control commands, thus reducing the time of classical automation with relays, by many orders of magnitude. It can also operate as stand-alone controller or be integrated into the overall SCADA system.

Algosystems has specialized engineers with expertise in PLC programming applications and software development, on standard platforms and programming languages.

In addition, due to the potential serious environmental, economic and humanitarian consequences of industrial accidents, safety is emerging as a determining factor for companies that develop security architectures for controllers, with internal diagnostic processes and redundancy topologies for critical systems. Safety specifications are designed to minimize risks such as:

  • Incorrect specifications
  • Omissions in specifications
  • Hardware failures
  • Systemic failures of hardware and software
  • Environmental factors
  • Power supply voltage drops


In conclusion, PLC Logic Controllers are the basis of the automation system and meet not only the classical challenges of cost reductions and job optimization but also ensure the safe and seamless operation of key and critical systems.

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