SKAI TV station, in the context of its need to upgrade its infrastructure, selected Data Center infrastructure designed and installed by Algosystems using HP servers solutions as well as EMC Storage.

The initial aim, which was achieved, was the smooth transition of the TV station to the new environment, as well as its uninterrupted operation throughout the project.


The security of SKAI TV station network was one of the main issues of concern for the IT Division staff, due to the nature of its work.

The solution proposed and implemented by Algosystems was to add Cisco NGFW at high redundancy with Intrusion Prevention Systems, Advance Malware Protection and URL filtering services.

Advanced anti-malware protection and reduced complexity improved network availability and reliability, reduced IT staff routine, increased productivity, and resulted in a scalable security infrastructure with minimal risks.

The TV station continues to invest in the security of its infrastructure by planning to implement additional security solutions with Algosystems for the next period.


Algosystems, for many years, provides SKAI TV Station with preventive, remedial support services as well as advisory services on the safety, availability and uninterrupted operation of its network and overall infrastructure.

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