Next Generation Security


The well-known insurance company NN HELLAS has been working with Algosystems for more than 20 years. Algosystems was trusted to install and maintain various IT systems at its headquarters and branch network.

To upgrade its network security systems, NN chose Algosystems to implement the latest Cisco ASA-X Next Generation Firewalls with Firepower services.


The security of SKAI TV station network was one of the main issues of concern for the IT Division staff, due to the nature of its work.

The solution proposed and implemented by Algosystems was to add Cisco NGFW at high redundancy with Intrusion Prevention Systems, Advance Malware Protection and URL filtering services.

Advanced anti-malware protection and reduced complexity improved network availability and reliability, reduced IT staff routine, increased productivity, and resulted in a scalable security infrastructure with minimal risks.

The TV station continues to invest in the security of its infrastructure by planning to implement additional security solutions with Algosystems for the next period.


The main concern of the staff of the IT Division of the well-known Kathimerini newspaper was the regional security of its network both on its central as well as its regional site.

The solution proposed and implemented by Algosystems at Kathimerini was to add Cisco NGFW at high redundancy with Intrusion Prevention Systems and Advance Malware Protection services.

These systems replaced the customer’s old Cisco ASA devices and integrated security at the perimeter through centralized management.

The Cisco Anyconnect VPN service was also implemented to cover secure remote access for external employees of the newspaper. Kathimerini already has Web Security Appliances for URL filtering and Application Control.

The benefits of the well known newspaper were the advanced protection against malicious software and online attacks and the integrated scalable security infrastructure with minimal risks.


For the past 60 years, the Ioannina Agricultural Poultry Cooperative PINDOS holds the leading position on the Greek poultry industry.

Algosystems has implemented a security project for the Ioannina Agricultural Poultry Cooperative Pindos, protecting not only its headquarters but also the 21 remote sites nationwide, including large production facilities.

The challenge for Algosystems was the uninterrupted operation of the company 24/7, while protecting the organization. The solution design, among others, includes Cisco Next Generation Firewalls in high-availability configuration as well as other cloud solutions my major manufacturers, creating a comprehensive multi-level security solution.


An educational institution should address security issues with particular sensitivity. In St. Lawrence, one of the largest private educational institutions in Greece, that spans on 20 acres, the number of students is today over 800.

To ensure the safe navigation of St. Lawrence students on the Internet and the restricted, but not prohibitive for their technological awakening, sharing of information on the Internet, teachers and students can, thanks to a security project implemented by Algosystems with Cisco equipment, safely use the online services of the institution.


ELTRAK, since 1982, is the official representative for Greece of the leading brand CATERPILLAR, as well as the complete range of its spare parts and maintenance.Following the international standards, ELTRAK upgraded the security level of its systems on its entire network of stores in Greece and Bulgaria to cover the infrastructure and the more secure operation of its computers.

ELTRAK selected Algosystems to design and install the latest generation of Cisco Systems security systems. ELTRAK’s infrastructure is under 24-hour control and monitoring to identify and prevent all threats of any security risk.


A member of the ELLAKTOR Group, AKTOR is a company with strong international presence in various fields such as Infrastructure Projects, Building and Industrial Projects, Photovoltaics, Technical Facilities Management and Project Management.

AKTOR commissioned Algosystems to design, supply, install and technically support the upgrading of company security systems and enable IPS, AMP, URL and Application Control services.

It, also, undertook the design, supply, installation and technical support of Network Access Control system.

With the completion of the new infrastructure, ELLAKTOR has achieved greater control over the internal network and the implementation of security policy as well as secure access inside and outside the AKTOR SA network.

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