Building Automation Projects


It is an autonomous resort on Banana Island, 3.5km off the coast of Doha, Qatar. The total area of Anantara Doha Island resort (Banana Island) is 129,000 square meters (12.9ha) with 1,100m length and 117m width. The project includes 34 villas, 24 hotel rooms, 48 family suites, 11 villas over the water surface, 33 marinas, 6 spa, 3 restaurants, golf course, entertainment center, children’s creative activities center, diving center, swimming pools, artificial reef and beach, environmental protection center, coastal protection projects, auxiliary infrastructure, heliport.

Algosystems undertook the design, installation and commissioning of the resort’s Building Management System for Anantara Beach Island Resort.


At NN Hellas, one of Algosystems’ most loyal customers, the company has undertaken the study, design, cabling and commissioning of an air conditioning and lighting control and monitoring system (BMS) of the company’s building.

The automation equipment used was by OPTO22 and far exceeded the required and typical industry standard specifications. Genesis software has more than 40,000 installations around the world in a variety of different processes such as Buildings, Industries, Road Works and Critical Systems (such as the Russian Natural Gas Pipeline).

The design of the project provides for double devices (Redundancy) at all levels while the system is self-monitoring and replaces the problem units.

Hardware, software and design of the project are based on communication with TCP/IP/Ethernet open protocol standards, while at the application level, they are based on de facto OPC standards (OLE for process control), SOAP/XML, SQL, DNA, COM/DCOM, ActiveX ADO/OLEDB, ODBC. The above allow access from any other software application. For example, if someone is authorized he will be able to access and control all building automation elements from anywhere on the planet with a computer equipped with an Internet Browser (MS Internet Explorer, etc.).

Finally, the concept of the Open System summarizes the conditions for Interoperability and Interchangeability.


ATHENS 2004 Olympic Games Organizing Committee Offices

The Organizing Committee of the 2004 Olympic Games commissioned Algosystems for its office buildings the design, wiring and commissioning, as well as maintenance of a Building and Energy Management System (BMS). The project included electrical panels and switchboards, structured cabling as well as the configuration-installation of equipment of development lab for Olympic Games simulation applications (Integration Lab).

ATHENS 2004 Olympic Games Beach Volley facilities

Βuilding Management System for the electromechanical installations and lighting scenarios of Beach Volley Athens 2004 facilities, at Faliro Olympic Complex.


Installation of control system (BMS) of the E / M installations and other support systems OTE headquarters

AUTH University

Automation & Management System SCADA for the supervision of Boiler stations and Electrical Substations in AUTH University


Supervisory Control System / BMS , fire detection, fire fighting, electrical installation in residential area of Kifissia & Kolonaki.


BEMS System for the airconditioning units, lighting,Energy, Fire Detection at the Expo Center, in Kiffisias Avenue.

Apollonies Aktes

Tickets issuing and Access Control System at Voula A and  B Swimming Plaz.

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