Cloud Transformation


At the beginning of its operation, THESEUS Recovery and Rehabilitation Center utilized WebFaction to host its e-mail. However, it was realized that all users experienced persistent problems with POP3 – both at the office and remotely, while the time they spent on sending emails reduced productivity and frustrated employees.

Solution 0365 was proposed and installed and the transition was done by IMAP process, smoothly and seamlessly. Now, all users have synchronized calendars and contacts on all their devices. Among other benefits, users have larger mailboxes as well as shared among user groups accessing the same views and interfaces, a global address list, while Push mail ensures that the incoming messages are instantly available to all connected devices. THESEUS users now enjoy improved collaboration benefits and increased productivity across the organization.


Easy access to users’ mail and MS Office from everywhere, secure connections, and the minimization of equipment used in its computer room were the reasons that led Global Finance to its cloud based transformation.

The company, which has been operating on the cloud with subscription for Office 365 and Microsoft Azure for years, selected Algosystems thanks to its experience, but mainly due to the continuing training of its engineers in new ICT technologies, to realize its transformation.

Now, Global Finance can easily manage and share documents online, store Terabytes without adding Hardware, avoiding unnecessary costs for maintenance of extra equipment and power companies.

Global Finance is one more example of a company gaining from the benefits of digital transformation.


Greek mattress company Mediastrom, with over 200 employees in and outside Attica and 50 years of experience in its field, chose Algosystems to migrate its corporate mailboxes to the cloud.

The process was demanding as the migration took place from Linux to Microsoft environment, while most mailboxes were large in size.

Algosystems has made sure that the transition takes place with the least possible impact on users, which has been successful since most of them have not experienced any annoying service interruptions.

Thanks to this investment, all company executives have access to mailing and office services wherever they are.

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