November 24, 2017

Algosystems has successfully completed the implementation of a new generation Cisco Collaboration solution in the brand new physiatric rehabilitation center “Theseus” in Athens.

The solution developed at “Theseus”, in a 7000m² building, includes advanced collaboration applications and solutions such as advanced telephony & video for internal and external communication, Instant Messaging and Presence, upgraded Call Center, advanced voice messaging and Video Collaboration capability between patients and doctors.

The new solution designed, implemented and supported by Algosystems has brought many advantages to the modern rehabilitation center. Advantages such as direct and continuous communication between medical, nursing and management staff, whether at or out of “Theseus”, with the ability to use multiple selected devices with integrated video use such as IP Phone, tablet, PC, mobile phone, etc. Another advantage is the provision of patient and family services by the modernized Call Center and the capability of direct communication between patients from their home and the Center’s specialized staff using video collaboration. Finally, through the use of these new technologies, an increase in staff productivity and reduced communication costs has been achieved.


you can see the video case study that the company made public.