Teleworking on the spotlight

March 18, 2020

Teleworking is on the spotlight these days due to Covid 19. Αre you seeking to empower your company with safe, full teleworking capabilities for employees? For secure remote connectivity to your corporate network from anywhere, on company laptops or personal devices, unified communication including voice, video, chat and full meeting/ teleconferencing capabilities of multiple users, we own the solution. It is made of market leading digital tools: ANY CONNECT secure VPN Client, JABBER messaging, presence & collaboration tool & WEBEX MEETINGS virtual conferencing service, as well as Cisco Security solutions (UMBRELLA, DUO) backed up by Algosystems expertise .
Gain from the FREE Cisco Webex, Any Connect, UMBRELLA and DUO offer due to Covid 19 and let us help you with your collaboration needs effectively and securely.
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