Staying at Home…fully functional and safe

March 24, 2020

Algosystems, realizing the criticality of the current global crisis due to COVID-19, has activated its business continuity plan according to ISO 27001, to ensure the health of its staff and the community as a whole, as well as its uninterrupted services.

The company, since it is active in ICT, successfully managed in a short period of time to comply with the “We stay home” directive. Today, 90% of our staff work remotely, serving Algosystems customers while keeping information security as top priority.

For the minimum number of employees that work as a safety personnel in Algosystems offices, the following are in effect:

General Preventive measures
1) Information posters with useful information about COVID-19 and health reminders have been placed at the entrances of the building and at its respective floors.
2) Antiseptic bottles have been placed on the floors of the building and employees are encouraged to use them frequently.
3) Personal hygiene means (masks, gloves) are available for personnel use
4) Common use areas (i.e. corridors, kitchens, toilets) as well as horizontal or vertical surfaces exposed to frequent use (e.g. doors, doorways, etc.) are cleaned multiple times in each and every day.
5) Food and beverages from delivery services are recommended to be avoided. However, if they are ordered, they are solely delivered at the company’s reception .
6) Mail is received and delivered only at the company’s reception.
7) We urge our personnel to avoid using the elevator.
8) All meetings are run via teleconferencing means
9) In the event that it is absolutely necessary to physically meet many people in a single location, large meeting rooms with ventilation are used.

Specific preventive measures

The company has informed its staff to follow special preventive measures in specific circumstances described below:

What do we do in the event of symptoms?

• In case of mild symptoms (cough, fever, sore throat), we remain at home and contact our doctor or EODY (210 5212054).
• If any employee develops suspicious symptoms, his/her Manager and the Administrative Secretariat must be informed
• if an employee who had primarily shown suspicious symptoms, is at any point of time required for urgent reasons to return to corporate premises, this will be possible only if he holds a doctor’s note clearly stating that he is currently in good health. In the vast majority of cases the company wishes employees to offer their services by teleworking.

Informing our Staff about COVID 19
• Algosystems’ employees are thoroughly informed about Covid 19. The Health and Safety team as well as the Administrative Secretary thoroughly inform Algosystems employees about all current issues and preventive measures regarding COVID 19 via emails and teleconferencing.
• Internal trainings have been held and communication material created aiming at promoting teleworking. As Cisco and Microsoft partners, all current remote working tools are being fully used.
• Administration addresses employees with a very specific message: Individual responsibility as regards preventive measures and personal hygiene is vital for the smooth operation of the company during this challenging period.

Travelling Abroad
The company has postponed any planned business trips abroad. Accordingly, for a long time now, we urged our personnel to avoid traveling for personal reasons.
If a colleague or a member of his family traveled abroad, he or she is required to inform the head of his department and the management secretariat so that if he is still working on corporate offices, he is definitely set on remote work mode for at least 14 days. If, for exceptional reasons, his return to the corporate premises is required, special measures such as use of personal protective equipment (medical mask and gloves) and staying isolated from other members of staff, are required.

Visits of technicians/engineers to clients’ locations

As an ICT company, it is quite frequently required to resolve failures or to deploy services via our engineers’ physical presence to customers’ locations. We make everything possible so that during that visit the same company car is being used by the same engineer. In the event that it is also used by another colleague, the car used will have its surfaces cleaned using antiseptic materials.

The equipment to be used by our engineer for installation purposes will be unpacked outside the customer premises and the packaging discarded in recycling bins. The materials to be used, shall be cleaned before installation. Our engineer will make use of personal protective equipment.

Finally, our sales consultants’ or engineering visits in customers’ premises are alternatively taking place via teleconferencing methods.

Being cybersecurity alert due to large use of remote connectivity means

Operating as a Managed Security Services Provider,   Algosystems has taken all necessary steps to protect and counter cyber attacks on its entire infrastructure, including users’ terminals. In particular, all infrastructure is monitored 24×7 by the company’s Security Operation Center (SOC) team and all possible incidents are escalated directly to the Security Incidence Response (SIRT) team.

Lastly, technologies such as Next Generation Firewall, Web Application Firewall, AntiDOS Protection, Network & Host IDS/IPS, Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR), Host DNS Protection, Data Loss Protection, Whole Disk & Email Encryption, etc. are being used.

Adequacy of alternative spaces to continue our operations according to our Business Continuity Plan

Algosystems, following the ISO 27001 standard, is maintaining as mentioned above a Business Continuity Plan. In the context of the specific risk and the requirements of the General Secretariat for Civil Protection, the Administration has decided that alternative areas should be adapted to the work from home incentive, in order to avoid congestion. The company provides all the appropriate technical means to implement this smoothly and safely.

Delivery and availability of materials, under contracts

The Technical Department has taken all necessary steps to ensure sufficiency of equipment if and when required. Both our engineers and drivers will use personal protective equipment when accessing your premises and will make an effort to ensure that materials are delivered safely and without possible exposure to the virus.

Meeting your needs at Panhellenic level

The company offers Panhellenic coverage and it has kindly requested its partners to be extremely cautious and accept and follow its own preventive measures to reduce the risk of the spread of COVID-19.

So, by taking all the security measures, the company is normally contacted either through our telephone center or by e-mail, while all meetings  are being held through videoconferencing tools.