Image Sensing

ImageSensing acknowledges Algosystems’ quality of provided services, efficiency, dedication and demonstrated accountability, deeply comprehending and resolving critical issues, when needed. Both companies’ engineering teams worked together professionally and in coordination,…

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Johnson Controls

Algosystems carried  out the works in a very professional manner with an experienced work force and on site management.

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ΜG Squared

ΜG Squared is pleased with the co-operation with Algosystems in Qatar. Algosystems engineering team worked effectively and our project was completed successfully, with the highest quality.

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Aesys S.p.A.

Algosystems exhibited professionalism, a high level of technical expertise and understanding, showed great support and was a solid partner that helped deliver our projects in Qatar timely and successfully, with…

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Algosystems successfully carried out the ITS design work, interacted proactively with project stakeholders and performed professionally and proactively throughout the project in Qatar.

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Flir Intelligent Transportation Systems

Algosystems’ dedication to thoroughly understand customer requirements and accordingly act with professionalism in close co-operation with our team, dedication and attention to detail, allowed our teams to provide a turnkey…

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