Traffic Control Center

Traffic Control Systems

Traffic management systems are an important part of the operation of motorways both for the safe passage of vehicles and for the prompt information of drivers.

In this area, Algosystems has implemented monitoring and control systems of variable message signs (VMS) and lane closure systems (LCS) and variable speed limit signs (VSLS).

These systems are controlled either individually or through the implementation of traffic scenarios activated automatically (in connection with incidents) or directly by operators. Especially in the field of auto-activation, Algosystems provides the ability to interface with incident detection systems through Video Image Vehicle Detection Systems (VIVDS), Over-height Vehicle Detection Systems (OVDS) and more. For example, Traffic Management System features include:

  1. Addition, deletion, or modification of a message in the message board of VMS
  2. Selection of desired message either manually or automatically
  3. Selection of desired speed limit either manually or automatically
  4. Selection of desired lane state either manually or automatically
  5. Error logging and sensor status of all devices
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