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THESEUS Recovery and Rehabilitation Center operates focusing on the rehabilitation of patients who face health or functionality issues and aims at their qualitative reintegration into their prior daily life. THESEAS, through the challenges it faces daily, selected Algosystems’ for the design and implementation of proposals and solutions that would – and still do – support the smooth and seamless operation of the Center.

Needs such as integrated and quality communication with patients/relatives in real time and via video, the ability to remotely diagnose, coordinate and care for chronic patients, uninterrupted communication among executives, administrative services, doctors, nurses inside and outside of the building, the preservation of continuous and unobstructed communication and the possibility of activating additional communication features in the future, according to the Center’s requirements, played a decisive role in the design of the proposed solution. A specialized Cisco Collaboration solution designed and implemented for Theseus, by Algosystems.

With the integrated Cisco Collaboration solution in operation, Theseus now fully meets its everyday operational needs. The modern call center provides full support of the communication needs, while members of the medical, nursing and administration team are in constant collaboration, capable of working remotely from wherever they may be, on specific patient cases, regardless of the means they select (IP Phone, tablet, mobile, and so on) and of course with video capability.

Equally important is the fact that external patients have the ability to communicate with experts in real-time from the comfort of their home, using video collaboration without the use of special devices, since video call can be achieved via any modern mobile phone.

Cisco Collaboration solution, implemented by Algosystems, has effectively helped the day-to-day operation of Theseus, making communication/collaboration faster, safe and efficient, providing a better level of service offered to its customers, increased productivity and reduced operating costs.


A pioneer in the building materials industry, Lafarge has an established presence in Greece through Heracles Group of Companies. Herakles Group’s products – cement, concrete and aggregates – play an essential role in residential development and everyday life as they are used to construct houses, hospitals, bridges, roads and monuments.

Heracles Group has decided to utilize the capabilities of Cisco Unified Communications solutions with Algosystems’ support, aiming at creating a modern telephone network to meet its increased needs, enjoying improved productivity and collaboration among its executives.

More than 800 users at the office buildings, factories and construction sites of Heracles Group and Lafarge Betton are now served by the new telephone network.


INMERAMERICAN Group, a member of the AMCHEA Insurance Group, holds a leading position in the Greek insurance market, with more than 1,100,000 customers. Its name is identical to private security in Greece, while brand awareness reaches 99%.



INTERAMERICAN, recognizing the great contribution of technology to the improvement of the processes and speed of customer service, has decided, with the cooperation of Algosystems, to take advantage of CISCO Unified Communications solutions, for the redesign of its telephony network.

The implementation includes the creation of a single telephone network based on Cisco Unified Communications (Communication Manager, Unity Connection, Contact Center), UC infrastructure for IM & Presence and Attendant Console, and the implementation of Call Recording solution.

The new network will interconnect all office buildings, branches and MEDIFIRST health clinics of Interamerican.

In total more than 1,500 users are supported as well as 5 contact centers with 125 positions.

University of Crete

The purpose of the Unified Communications solution at the University of Crete implemented by Algosystems was the development of advanced network and telephone infrastructures and services at the buildings of Voutes Campus in Heraklion and Rethymno Campus, to meet the needs of users throughout its premises.

Cisco Switches type 65xx and 45xx were used to implement the network body, while Cisco CallManager was installed in redundant implementation to support IP telephony, serving a total of more than 2,000.

Finally, an extended 802.11g/n wireless access network was installed using 125 Cisco Access Points, centrally managed by Cisco AIR-CT5508 Wireless Network operation controllers.


Generali, aiming to provide high quality services to its customers, commissioned Algosystems to upgrade its telephone network. The new network was implemented using Cisco Unified Communications technology (Communication Manager, Contact Center), UC Infrastructure for IM & Presence, Video Conferencing as well as with the implementation of Call Recording solution. The solution supports users of all main buildings (400 telephone users and 30 contact center users).


The increased voice transmission needs of a large insurance company with many points of presence such as NN Hellas have been efficiently covered by Algosystems using Cisco solutions, offering integration of the telephone services network and data network, resulting in money and management resources savings.

It is worth noting that in 2007, Algosystems has implemented NN HELLAS’ nationwide network of branches.


Danaos Shipping Co. Ltd (“Danaos”) is one of the largest container management companies (Containerships) in the world. The fleet it manages consists of 59 ships with capacities ranging from 2,200TEU (230m) to 13,100TEU (400m), it has a presence in 8 locations around the globe, while its personnel consists of 6,000 seafarers and 450 office staff.

Wishing to take advantage of the multiple benefits of Collaboration solutions, Danaos invested in Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) two-node cluster Instant Messaging (IM) and Presence node (IMP) solutions.

With the completion of the implementation of CUCM solution, Danaos enjoys integrated, quality, uninterrupted and secure communication between its executives who can work and collaborate easily and remotely from any available device (laptop, tablet, mobile phone), around the world.

It has also made it possible for the company to increase its productivity through the use of new technologies, a corresponding reduction in the cost of communication due to the high prior cost of roaming services, as well as the possibility of collaboration/video communication between its headquarters and its offices abroad.


Hellenic American Union was founded in 1957. It is a non-profit, educational and cultural organization with strong links with society, international presence and activity. The programs of the Hellenic American Union are aimed at a wide audience and are characterized by their vigor, innovative design and practicality. It is one of the top educational institutions in our country. HAU is always in line with technological developments. For its network infrastructure and its call center, the Organisation has chosen Algosystems and Cisco’s innovative solutions. Now, HAU provides staff, partners and students with modern, reliable and quality technological solutions.

The implementation of Cisco’s Call Center was made using the first editions of Call Manager, and through continuous upgrades, the Cisco Collaboration Solution functionality and benefits are offered to users.


GENESIS Pharma pharmaceutical company is now the largest among Greek companies specializing in original and innovative medicines, and has been among the leading pharmaceutical companies at European level specializing in pharmaceutical biotechnology products. It has an extensive portfolio of high technology products for serious and rare diseases, serving as a commercial partner of leading multinational pharmaceutical research and development companies for Greece, Cyprus and the wider region of SE Europe.

In order to ensure quality, security and speed in its telecommunication services, GENESIS Pharma maintains a long-term cooperation of 15 years with Algosystems for the operation of its call center using Cisco equipment. With the installation of the infrastructure and the ever-growing applications of Unified Communications solution high quality services with low cost of use can be are offered to GENESIS Pharma.


Onassis Cultural Centre, aiming to provide better, improved quality, simpler and more comprehensive communication capabilities to its employees and partners, has decided to adopt Cisco Collaboration Technology solution, delivering total support from a single manufacturer and a single partner.

After the completion of the implementation by Algosystems, Onassis Cultural Centre operates in a Collaboration environment characterized by high redundancy in telephony and Contact Center, integration and utilization of existing licenses and devices, excellent support, ability to communicate with written conversation (chat), voice and image (Video), even outside offices, capable of interfacing with external systems for presentations (e.g. WebEx), video calling, conferencing, etc.

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