THESEUS Recovery and Rehabilitation Center operates focusing on the rehabilitation of patients who face health or functionality issues and aims at their qualitative reintegration into their prior daily life. THESEAS, through the challenges it faces daily, selected Algosystems’ for the design and implementation of proposals and solutions that would – and still do – support the smooth and seamless operation of the Center.

Needs such as integrated and quality communication with patients/relatives in real time and via video, the ability to remotely diagnose, coordinate and care for chronic patients, uninterrupted communication among executives, administrative services, doctors, nurses inside and outside of the building, the preservation of continuous and unobstructed communication and the possibility of activating additional communication features in the future, according to the Center’s requirements, played a decisive role in the design of the proposed solution. A specialized Cisco Collaboration solution designed and implemented for Theseus, by Algosystems.

With the integrated Cisco Collaboration solution in operation, Theseus now fully meets its everyday operational needs. The modern call center provides full support of the communication needs, while members of the medical, nursing and administration team are in constant collaboration, capable of working remotely from wherever they may be, on specific patient cases, regardless of the means they select (IP Phone, tablet, mobile, and so on) and of course with video capability.

Equally important is the fact that external patients have the ability to communicate with experts in real-time from the comfort of their home, using video collaboration without the use of special devices, since video call can be achieved via any modern mobile phone.

Cisco Collaboration solution, implemented by Algosystems, has effectively helped the day-to-day operation of Theseus, making communication/collaboration faster, safe and efficient, providing a better level of service offered to its customers, increased productivity and reduced operating costs.


Algosystems, considering that due to its medical object, THESEUS Recovery and Rehabilitation Center may face emergency situations, offers, for its safe operation, 24-7 Monitoring and Alarming Services, optimizing the network capabilities, minimizing downtimes and increasing application performance. In this way, the Center’s network was fully adapted to new technological requirements.


At the beginning of its operation, THESEUS Recovery and Rehabilitation Center utilized WebFaction to host its e-mail. However, it was realized that all users experienced persistent problems with POP3 – both at the office and remotely, while the time they spent on sending emails reduced productivity and frustrated employees.

Solution 0365 was proposed and installed and the transition was done by IMAP process, smoothly and seamlessly. Now, all users have synchronized calendars and contacts on all their devices. Among other benefits, users have larger mailboxes as well as shared among user groups accessing the same views and interfaces, a global address list, while Push mail ensures that the incoming messages are instantly available to all connected devices. THESEUS users now enjoy improved collaboration benefits and increased productivity across the organization.

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