Network Operations Center


Algosystems, considering that due to its medical object, THESEUS Recovery and Rehabilitation Center may face emergency situations, offers, for its safe operation, 24-7 Monitoring and Alarming Services, optimizing the network capabilities, minimizing downtimes and increasing application performance. In this way, the Center’s network was fully adapted to new technological requirements.


Algosystems, taking into account that  Interamerican infrastructure is critical, provides, for its smooth operation, Monitoring and Alarming Services, optimizing the operation of its network and minimizing any downtimes.


Networking Monitoring 7×24 and Alarming / Network Health Check / Remediation Services

ELLAKTOR is an international holding group based in Greece, with long-term investments in key areas such as construction, environment and participation in concession projects with more than 60 years of experience and expertise in complex and demanding projects.

Wishing to monitor its network thoroughly and knowing the importance of continuous seamless operation, ELLAKTOR commissioned Algosystems with the systematic monitoring of its network, its Network Health Check, the creation of reports and adoption of remediation measures.

Firewalls Management Monitoring / Administration Services

ELLAKTOR, in view of the need to systematically monitor the proper operation of Firewalls, commissioned Algosystems to monitor IPS incidents, create security reports, and provide immediate actions of reporting and handling security incidents (high cpu, high bandwidth, syn attack, etc.), which are likely to result in denial of service.

The result is a more secure and functional system for ELLAKTOR.

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