INMERAMERICAN Group, a member of the AMCHEA Insurance Group, holds a leading position in the Greek insurance market, with more than 1,100,000 customers. Its name is identical to private security in Greece, while brand awareness reaches 99%.

INTERAMERICAN, recognizing the great contribution of technology to the improvement of the processes and speed of customer service, has decided, with the cooperation of Algosystems, to take advantage of CISCO Unified Communications solutions, for the redesign of its telephony network.

The implementation includes the creation of a single telephone network based on Cisco Unified Communications (Communication Manager, Unity Connection, Contact Center), UC infrastructure for IM & Presence and Attendant Console, and the implementation of Call Recording solution.

The new network will interconnect all office buildings, branches and MEDIFIRST health clinics of Interamerican.

In total more than 1,500 users are supported as well as 5 contact centers with 125 positions.


The Interamerican insurance company decided, in the context of upgrading its services, to appoint Algosystems to implement a wireless network in 23 branchesin order to provide wireless connection to its insurers, as well as the use of web-based applications over the internet.

The implementation includes 80 Cisco Meraki Access Points, Cisco routers and URL Filtering capabilities through Cisco Cloud Web Security (CWS) solution, providing control and security while users are browsing on the internet.

Also, at the company’s headquarters a WiFi network based on Cisco Access Points and Wireless Controllers was implemented.


Interamerican, as part of its ongoing investments in new technologies in order to provide high quality services to its customers, has upgraded its Data Center networking equipment.

Algosystems undertook the design, supply and installation of the solution based on 4 Cisco Nexus Series Switches.


Algosystems, taking into account that  Interamerican infrastructure is critical, provides, for its smooth operation, Monitoring and Alarming Services, optimizing the operation of its network and minimizing any downtimes.


Algosystems is Interamerican’s trusted partner for nearly 20 consecutive years, providing preventive, remedial support and advisory services on the safety, availability and uninterrupted operation of its network.

Support includes all Wired & Wireless network equipment and Unified Communication of the main buildings as well as the equipment of all branches nationwide.

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