Global Finance


In the context of the business continuity of the Global Finance investment group, secure storage of its data, as well as easily access to them, under all circumstances, was considered necessary.

Based on the above, Algosystems proposed and implemented an important backup & archiving project, both locally and in the cloud, intelligently safeguarding both the organization’s data and email.


Easy access to users’ mail and MS Office from everywhere, secure connections, and the minimization of equipment used in its computer room were the reasons that led Global Finance to its cloud based transformation.

The company, which has been operating on the cloud with subscription for Office 365 and Microsoft Azure for years, selected Algosystems thanks to its experience, but mainly due to the continuing training of its engineers in new ICT technologies, to realize its transformation.

Now, Global Finance can easily manage and share documents online, store Terabytes without adding Hardware, avoiding unnecessary costs for maintenance of extra equipment and power companies.

Global Finance is one more example of a company gaining from the benefits of digital transformation.

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