Industrial Automation Projects

DEMO S.A. Pharmaceutical industry

DEMO SA Pharmaceutical Industry commissioned Algosystems for the study, design implementation, as well as maintenance of a control and remote operation system to produce the company’s pharmaceutical products, involving control of electrical instruments and automation.

In addition, the project also involved the automation of the system for the control & implementation of production recipes of the new plant pharmaceutical products, as well as the restructuring of the connection between the tanks and filling machines and the addition of 10 valves and 10 thermocouples. Finally, it also concerned the extension of the control system to the new water production site.

New Doha International Airport, Qatar – Catering Management System

The new Doha airport has been built in an area of 22 square kilometers, with half of the area being recovered land.

In full operation, it can serve 50 million passengers and 320,000 flights with 2 million tones of cargo per year. The airport includes two 3 and 5 star hotels. The Catering Management System is expected to serve 75,000 meals per day.

Algosystems Qatar undertook the design, installation and commissioning of the catering management system.

ALCO - Aluminum Industry

Supervisory & Control System (SCADA) for oven preheat process for raw materials

DESFA - Hellenic Gas Transmission System Operator

Algosystems undertook the project of using electrical & electronic equipment for Supervising, Metering & Reporting Systems and Scada Field Equipment for the Upgrade of Markopoulo M/R Station, Komotini M/R Station, Kokkina M/R Station, Larisa M/R Station and Petropigi M/R Station.

Also, the company undertook the implementation of a Line Valve Control System of the Gas Line Stofani-Asopos-Chalkero.

3E Tria Epsilon

Algosystems undertook the implementation of a Control system of Filler machine for bottle fracture and system monitoring for seven factories as well as a SCADA system for production line of 3E Athens factory, using Simatic-S5 hardware and Genesis software.

Athenian Brewery

Algosystems undertook the SCADA System for Athenian Brewery’s Patras Factory Utilities as well as 12 PLCs Simatic S5 in a M2 Network as well as Genesis Software for SCADA.


The company undertook for ELPE the Thessaloniki Refinery SCADA implementation for the Production facilities of Ammonia and Ethylene. Opto22 PLC Network and Genesis software was used.

FUJAIRAH Refinery Company

The FUJAIRAH Refinery Company in United Arab Emirates commissioned Algosystems to install DCS & ESD systems for its Refinery.

In particular, the project concerned the procurement, installation and commissioning of electromechanical equipment for the refinery’s automatic control system, as well as an automatic control monitoring system and a waste management unit.

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