Attiki Odos


Attiki Odos, one of Europe’s largest co-funded road projects, in the context of the expansion and modernization of its central Data Center, has decided to completely redesign it and install new networking equipment. The new equipment should serve Collapsed Core needs with Distribution functionality, ensure the interconnection of all servers with 10G and 1G connections and be connected to the existing SAN based on Brocade FC switches, with SAN control and configuration now executed by the new infrastructure. Finally, there should be full FCoE support to all servers.

For this purpose, Algosystems used a pair of Nexus 56XX to implement a VPC cluster, plus 2 Fabric Extenders as Top of Rack switches to interconnect all UTP server interfaces.

Since Attiki Odos environment is fully productive, real-time (transactional) and with high availability requirements (CCTV), the transition process was designed based on these requirements.

Finally, a Cisco Data Center Network Manager (DCNM) management tool was installed to control Nexus for the network part.

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