February 27, 2018

Algosystems was awarded the Commercial Market Partner of the Year and Lifecycle Management Partner of the Year awards, from Cisco Greece.

During an impressive evening at the Goulandris Natural History Museum in Kifissia dedicated to its partners, Cisco announced on Tuesday evening, February 27, a dual honorary award to Algosystems, that of the “Commercial Market Partner of the Year” and the “Lifecycle Management Partner of the Year “.

The “Commercial Market Partner of the Year”, awarded to Algosystems, represents Cisco’s recognition for Algosystems achieving a growth rate of 26.5% in this market in 2017 – the largest amongst Cisco’s other partners in Greece.

Algosystems also won the Lifecycle Management Partner of the Year award. The company carried out multiple network discoveries to customers, provided consulting services for their old equipment, at the same time proposed the most appropriate upgrading and achieved reduced risks and increased productivity for its customers through the adoption of new ICT technologies.

Once again, Algosystems, Cisco Gold Partner, was honored by Cisco with significant distinctions resulting from the excellent collaboration between the two companies for over two decades and from Algosystems’ investment in an effective and stable value-added relationship with its customers.

Algosystems wishes to extend its warm thanks to all its customers for their continuous support and for helping us gain this awards.